So what sparked the idea for the Attack Academy? In this multi-part series Rob Pannell takes you through his journey from youth lacrosse to the NCAA to the Pro’s. Welcome to the Pro’s Perspective.

As I look at the Attack Academy app’s offering, from the on field drills to the mental aspect off the field, perhaps my favorite feature is our library of workout programs. For our first program, we partnered with Xceleration, the #1 training facility on Long Island for elite lacrosse players, to provide lacrosse specific workouts to improve players’ strength, conditioning, as well as injury prevention.

Lacrosse is a unique sport that requires more than just your traditional exercises, and you can’t simply bench press your way to success. You need lateral strength, balance, explosiveness, core strength, upper body strength and of course – leg day. Xceleration trainers are the foremost experts in lacrosse fitness and I trust them with my own strength training. Now you have access to their workouts from your own gym or home!

Throughout my career, I’ve seen the biggest impact to my game on the field when I invested time into strength and conditioning off the field. That’s why we created both bodyweight and weighted programs, so players at all levels can see those same on-field returns. We look forward to adding to this feature with more strength and conditioning offerings, but if you haven’t already, check out our 4-week program available on the app now!

Attack Everything, 

-Rob Pannell

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