Pro-Level Lacrosse Training

Weekly training videos from our Pros

Each week, our Pros release training videos that are modeled after private one-on-one lessons. These are tailored to specific skill sets in order to provide all aspects of elite offensive training. They are designed to last 30-45 minutes and can be completed anywhere, any time using the Attack Academy app.

Complete Training Guide:

  • Dodging
  • Stickwork
  • Shooting
  • Mental Prep
  • Tips and Tricks from the Pro’s

Strength & Conditioning Workouts

Specifically Designed for Lacrosse Players

Strength & Conditioning workouts:

With your app subscription, you will get your own lacrosse-specific workout plan that will focus on increasing your athleticism and introducing  you to a very important piece of the process: the weight room!

Workout extras:

  • Toggle to do workout with weights or without
  • Video demonstration of Pro player doing the reps
  • Visual timer for workouts when needed
  • Session recap at the end of each workout

Master Classes

Take your game to a new level

Want to dive into the mind of the world’s best lacrosse players?

With your Attack Academy App subscription, you get access to our exclusive Master Class videos that takes you through all aspects of what it takes to train and play at the highest level.

Classes can be watched individually or you can enroll in your favorite Pro’s Program!

4 Complete Master Class Sessions:

  • Be an Offensive Machine – with Rob Pannell
  • How to Gain an Edge – with Tom Schreiber
  • Controlling the Game – with Grant Ament (coming soon!)
  • Become the Ultimate Shooter – with Mac O’Keefe (coming soon!)

Full Programs

Customized classes and videos

Comprehensive Programs are made using select videos:

  • Select training sessions are organized to make up a Program
  • Programs are tailored to growing specific skill sets
  • Groups of Workouts are strategically put together for maximum results
  • Pro’s can create targeted programs by request (coming soon!)
  • All Programs remain on-demand once the player completes them

Available Programs:

  1. 4-Week Season Prep
  2. Rob Pannell’s 4-Week Offseason Strength & Conditioning
  3. Grant Ament’s 4-Week Speed Program (coming soon!)
  4. New programs added regularly

Video Feedback Submissions

Send in your videos and our Pros will give you feedback!

Players can submit videos for Pro feedback*

With your Attack Academy app subscription, you can get one-on-one feedback from your favorite Pro! App members can send in one video per month that gets reviewed by your favorite Attack Academy Pro Player and feedback is provided through the app.

The Attack Academy App also includes:

  • Exclusive zoom sessions with our pros
  • Real- Time Leader Board to gauge progress and compete against players all over the world!
  • Earn points for using the app and cash out on exclusive prizes
  • Points can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise
  • Discounts from our sponsors

In the Attack Academy app, we celebrate our partners with an exclusive Leader Board. Watch in real-time and earn points towards exclusive prizes and rewards from our elite level sponsors including Warrior, Epoch, Maverik and more!