Attack Academy Over-Night Camp

“The Bryn Athyn camp was a HUGE hit – all aspects – coaching, film, venue, food and fun. Can’t thank you enough for all you do.”

-Jennifer, New Jersey

Mobile App Advantage

“I love that I can use the app to train all year round and it’s not just during my playing season. I play both field and box so having new videos coming out all year long is amazing.”

-Ben, Calgary, Canada

One-on-one Coaching

“His dad and I were so stoked to see some new moves and dodges he made based on what he learned from you at camp just days prior. He was much more “shifty” and when we pointed it out after his first game, he said “I learned it from Coach Pannell”.

-Regan, Austin TX

Delivering Results

“My son said that this was the best money we’ve spent on lacrosse in years. Last weekend we got to see some of the learnings applied from your camp in real game action.”

-Steve, Dallas TX

Learn From the Pros

“I love that I can get to meet my favorite Pro players and learn from them. It’s so cool to have them coach us on the field and through the app and then get to see them use those same moves during PLL games. I love Attack Academy!”

-Chris, NY