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Our goal is to teach offensive players a training system to increase skill level and lacrosse IQ. With a focus on player development, we provide a hybrid style of training with an emphasis on speed, agility and conditioning. We aim to leave players with the skills, game IQ and training foundation for them to continue to self-coach on their own time!

Is Attack Academy for me?


The Attack Academy app, training sessions and camps are catered towards all level of offensive players. It is recommended that you have some understanding of playing offence and can execute stick skills at an intermediate level. Due to our high intensity and fast pace, it is important that players are able to understand concepts and execute drills efficiently.

App training mimics a personal lesson

Get personalized training from our Pros

With the Attack Academy app, all the training content is specifically designed to mimic the hands-on training a player would get an in-person camp. We give detailed instruction, rep counts and rest timing in each video. Complete with full drill and exercise demonstrations, our App is the ultimate year-round tool for lacrosse athletes.