Announcing the Attack Academy Club Partnership

As a Club Lacrosse program, you want your players to continue to improve every day from the first day they join your team. The problem is…you’re with your players a few days a week, and even less in the offseason. How are they improving when you’re not coaching them directly? What habits and skills are they developing in their time off?

We’ve been there, and we’ve asked ourselves the same questions–as players, coaches, and club directors. It’s precisely the reason we created the Attack Academy Club Partnership, to give club programs a consistent, reliable tool to help develop their players on and off of the field.

Attack Academy Club Partners receive heavily discounted Attack Academy app memberships for all of their players, which includes:

  • Weekly on-field trainings from each of our pros
  • Strength and conditioning programs (bodyweight and weighted)
  • Masterclasses to learn the game through the eyes of the pros
  • 1-on-1 video feedback from Attack Academy pros

In addition, Attack Academy Club Partners get access to:

  • Club Promotion through Attack Academy media channels
  • Exclusive offers from our sponsors
  • Attack Academy Partner badge to display on Club Website

We are excited to partner with some of the most progressive lacrosse club teams throughout the country. If you or your club are interested, you can apply now via the link on our website and email with any questions.

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